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Important School Information

Welcome To The 2023–2024 School Year

Our Unique Program Is Therapeutically Driven To Give Your Child The Opportunity To Experience Academic Success

If you are a parent looking for educational options for your child or a child study team member looking for a placement for one of your students in your district please think of us. 

We Provide a Highly Structured & Supportive Academic Program Meeting the Individual Behavioral and Emotional Needs for Students with Individual Education Plan’s(IEP’s) in Grades 6-12.  

We continue to do our best to go above and beyond to give each student we work with the support they need to establish a plan for their future success in their educational journey. 

Green Brook Academy doesn’t give up, we are dedicated to giving each student the opportunity to not only see their potential, but help them reach their potential….and become a somebody!

All High School level students will enroll in Career Technical Education Course of their choosing based on their interests.

This elective class format will be on-line, however it will be supported and modified, as needed, by our certified classroom teachers.

The link below will take you to our updated and approved Green Brook Academy Emergency Virtual/Remote Instruction Plan.