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Our Philosophy & Mission

Our Philosophy and Mission


Green Brook Academy is a private school for students in need of an out of district placement for behavioral support due to emotional and behavioral disabilities. 

Our school philosophy has remained the same since our doors opened 40 years ago…..

“The Philosophy of an institution is the touchstone by which all those involved, in said institution; gain a sense of direction and mission”.  

Green Brook Academy believes that students with special learning problems due to severe emotional disturbance need an individualized program that combines academic skills with supportive counseling. 

Counseling is not an isolated agent, but rather an integral component of the entire school program. 

All staff are considered essential elements of the therapeutic process that will help students at Green Brook Academy achieve a sense of self-worth and work towards the goal of becoming contributing members of society. 

Students come to the Academy with a variety of experiences, skills, and emotional needs. 

The necessity to have the program tailored to their needs, rather than their needs ignored for a static program, shall be the foundation of the success of this institution. 


The mission of Green Brook Academy is to provide a safe and therapeutic learning community for students eligible for special education and related services as the result of emotional/behavioral disabilities. 

Through fostering a collegial therapeutic environment, all students will be given the opportunity to gain the knowledge and skills that will allow them to experience success in their emotional and behavioral challenges as well as success through academic achievement. 

We will strive to support our students in becoming contributing members of society.