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Students at Green Brook Academy reach their educational goals through the following services & educational opportunities:

  • Individualized instruction to match student needs, strengths, abilities, and interests
  • Small class sizes with High Qualified NJ Department of Education School-Certified Teachers and Paraprofessionals, with a staff-to-student ratio of 1 staff to every 2 students
  • Block schedule to offer our students the opportunity to fully engage in the learning process while providing movement throughout the day.
  • Educational testing to ensure that instruction is tailored to the individual student’s knowledge and proficiency
  • Driver’s Education curriculum with end of course NJ Motor Vehicle Commission test issued.
  • World Language On-line Learning Option through APEX online.  All APEX courses are overseen by certified teacher. Courses are determined by IEP team and each students needs.
  • NEW! CTE(Career Technical Education)Class is an elective class offered through APEX online. This class is individualized to each students interest and will be modified and supported by Green Brook Academy Teaching Staff.
  • All new Rights, Respect & Responsibility course to support inclusive learning opportunities for all.
  • Option for SLE (Structured Learning Experience).
  • four building campus, including a full gym with a basketball court, weightlifting room, pool tables, and other amenities plus an art room and a recording studio.
  • Community Service & Current Events classes are offered as elective courses.

Our Educational Team is comprised of highly trained and qualified individuals who look forward to the opportunity to educate our students. Team members include:

  • New Jersey Certified Teachers of the Handicapped & Teachers of Students with Disabilities, all highly qualified in content areas taught
  • Para-Professional Staff, all of whom have degrees in psychology or education

Following are some good exposure

Class Trip to The Wolf Preserve!

First Aid Health Class by Mr. Earl

Graduation Luncheon – 2022